From Executive Office, To Becoming a Pastor, Rev. Shawn Fisher Does It All.

Reverend Shawn R. Fisher was born April 1st, 1968 in Manchester Conn. Originally, Fisher had lived in Storrs Conn. until he was 3 years old. Up until his adult life, Fisher moved out and into Hartford when he was 24 years old. Currently, Fisher resides in Marlborough Conn. where he has been since 2006.

img_2993For schooling, Fisher attended Hartford Public High school for his Freshman year. He then transferred to Northfield Mt. Hermon, a boarding school located in Mass. Fisher’s reasoning for transferring is that he “needed to go somewhere where [he is]  going to be pushed.”. He felt that his academic experience would be more beneficial to him by attending Northfield Mt. Hermon.

After graduating from Northfield Mt Hermon., Fisher decided to further his education by attending the University of Connecticut (UCONN). After years of hard work, Fisher acquired his Masters Degree in Economics.

While Fisher was in college he started to compose his own music. He was always involved in Choir during his time in school, and by the time he was a Senior, he picked up playing the piano. Fisher originally started to play the piano to win the heart of his current wife Linda, he also found it to be a great emotional outlet for relieving stress and relaxing.


Rev. Shawn Fisher playing one of his Original Pieces on his Piano at his home in Marlborough Conn.

Fisher’s songs have always been lyric and melody based similar to Billy Joel and John Denver. “The purpose of my songs is to give a different perspective on religion. They are aimed to tell stories and help people relate to their faith journey or things that have happened to him.” Fisher now has released 4 albums, and his music can be heard on his website. Fisher is also publicized his music via Facebook.  Overall, Fisher has enjoyed his music career and will continue to produce more.

In 1997, Fisher married Linda Fisher (formerly Linda Rudolph) and are still married today. They have lived in various towns in Conn. over the period of their marriage. Towns such as Colchester, Ashford, Coventry, and now Marlborough. Fisher also has a son, named Garrett Fisher, who was born in the year 2000, who has spent most of his life growing up in Marlborough and playing baseball. Fisher stated that the original reason that the family moved to Marlborough was because of their excellent education system.

In regards to his employment, Fisher has an extensive list of what he has done for work. Originally, he started as an analyst in corporate real estate for Aetna. Eventually, he was promoted to Portfolio Manager within the company. Fisher left Aetna in 1999 as the Executive in the Health Care Division after 10 years of service. Fisher became the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for one of Aetna’s divisions in workers comp. After a year of not working, Fisher was employed at the United Health Care Group a division of Optum for 4 years as the COO of provider markets. Currently, Fisher is a Pastor at Groton Congregational Church in Groton Conn.

It wasn’t an easy decision for Fisher to land where he currently is, in fact, Fisher said “I never intended to be come a Pastor, I never thought anything of it.”. 8 years prior, Pastor Bob Faulhaber of Marlborough Congregational Church had asked Fisher to guest preach at a service, Fisher accepted. When Fisher reached the pulpit, he had a very unusual feeling. “When I walked up to the pulpit, I had this mistaken feeling of being home and where I belong.”. Fisher promptly ignored the feeling and expressed that over time he continued to hear a gentle knocking aiming him to go back.

A year later, Fisher guest preached again at Marlborough Congregational Church and stated that he had the same feeling that he had before. At this point he decided that it was time to act on his instinct.

Fisher began to take classes at Hartford Seminary where he continued to feel that “home” feeling. He eased into this process slowly by taking courses over the course of 6 years. He began to guest preach all around Conn. one of these places being Groton Congregational Church.

When Fisher spoke in Groton, the feeling was that “he was meant to be there” said Fisher. After the service had concluded his wife Linda had agreed. Fisher continued to guest preach at Groton and was overwhelmingly successful. The Church had asked Fisher to apply has the Pastor even though he was not finished with seminary school.

When Fisher had asked the Calling Committee if it were acceptable to apply for the position even though he had not be ordained, they agreed to it. Fisher began preaching at the church officially on June 1st, 2015 and was ordained in May of 2016.

“I feel like I am doing what I am suppose to do be doing.” said Fisher. Overall Fisher said that this experience has made him a better listener. Fisher looks forward to the future to what his calling may be next.


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